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Excellence beyond Expectations

Esther Maina, Ph.D.

Dr Esther Maina, is Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry at the University of Nairobi, Department of Biochemistry. Kenya. She is the Editorial Board member of Special Journal of Pathology, Immunology, and Cancer SJ-PIC

Experience of Esther Maina,

Esther Maina, has 20 years of experience in Cancer Research postgraduate supervision as exemplified in her published works in peer-reviewed journals such as Cancer Research and Oncogene.

Research Interest of Esther Maina,

Dr. Esther Maina’s research interest include but not limited to Biochemistry, Cancer Research,  Genetics, and Molecular Biology

Editor in chief

Editor in chief, Dr. Esther Maina will work with the editorial team, external professional reviewers, authors, and editorial officers to process a manuscript before it is finally published. In special journal publications, the editor in chief is the highest decision making position vis-à-vis manuscript management and day to day running of the Special journal of Physiology

However, administratively, the Editor in chief is answerable to the Strategic and Technical Advisory Council (STAC) of Special Journals Publisher. Therefore the duties of the editorial team are to provide the technical expertise and quality control headed by the Editor in Chief and assisted by section editors and other editorial categories.

The editorial committee

The editorial committee, receive the reviewed and approved manuscripts, and process them for publication. The editorial board is headed by the Editor in chief, and their duties are to receive a review and approve manuscripts before it is sent for publication.

Selected Publications of Dr. Esther Maina

  1. UM Smith, M Consugar, LJ Tee, BM McKee, EN Maina, S Whelan, The transmembrane protein Michelin (MKS3) is mutated in Meckel-Gruber syndrome and the wpk rat. Nature Genetics 2006, 38 (2), 191-196
  2. MR Morris, D Gentle, M Abdulrahman, EN Maina, K Gupta, RE Banks, Tumor suppressor activity and epigenetic inactivation of hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor type 2/SPINT2 in papillary and clear cell renal cell carcinoma, Cancer research 2005, 65 (11), 4598-4606
  3.  S Soni, J Whittington, AJ Holland, T Webb, EN Maina, H Boer, D Clarke. The phenomenology and diagnosis of psychiatric illness in people with Prader-Willi syndrome, Psychological Medicine 2008, 38 (10), 1505
  4.  EN Maina, MR Morris, M Zatyka, RR Raval, RE Banks, FM Richards, Identification of novel VHL target genes and relationship to hypoxic response pathways, Oncogene 2005, 24 (28), 4549-4558
  5. T Webb, EN Maina, S Soni, J Whittington, H Boer, D Clarke, A Holland, In search of the psychosis gene in people with Prader‐Willi syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 2005, 146 (7), 843-853
  6.  M Abdulrahman, EN Maina, MR Morris, M Zatyka, RR Raval, RE Banks, Identification of novel VHL targets that are associated with the development of renal cell carcinoma, Oncogene 2007, 26 (11), 1661-1672
  7.  EN Maina, T Webb, S Soni, J Whittington, H Boer, D Clarke, A Holland. Analysis of candidate imprinted genes in PWS subjects with atypical genetics: a possible inactivating mutation in the SNURF/SNRPN minimal promoter, Journal of human genetics 2007, 52 (4), 297-307
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