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    Join the first 100 world-class professional members of our editorial board commissioned to provide a database that will advance the existing curiosity and short-term advancement of research-based interventions for long term sustainable development. This is part of the corporate responsibility of this board, to the stakeholders in the era of emergence and resurgence of novel deadly pandemics, including providing safe and efficacious medications to prevent, cure and/or control health challenges that threaten the existence of Humans, Animals, and Plants on the planet earth (One health). Your consent to join this board will be a big boost to our noble ambition of sustainable development for between society for us today and for our children tomorrow, as well as our acceleration to the top, through the pack of the big old names in publishing

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    Matthew N Tanko [*MBBS, FMCPath (Nig), FCPath (COPECSA), DHSM (Israel), PCAP.], is an Associate Professor of Practice, Chair Clinical Academic Department, & Program Director, Anat Pathology Residency Prog.@ NUSOM Kazakhstan Has over 15 years of expertise formerly at @ UNIJOS-NIGKIU-UG, UNI-Botswana, and NUSOM Republic of Kazakstan

    Editor in Chief

    Maxy AC Odike, MBBS, MSc, FMCPath, FICS, FCPath-ECSA, is a Professor and a Consultant Histopathologist with over 20 years of experience at the AAU, Ekpoma, Nig.  He is the Chair of ISTH-HREC Irrua Specialist  Teaching  Hospital (ISTH) Irrua Edo St Nig His Bioethics, Clinical pathology, and research experience is added advantage

    Editorial Consultant

    Esther Maina, B.Sc. M.Sc, Ph.D., is Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry at the University of Nairobi, Dept of Biochem. Esther Maina has 20 years of experience in Cancer Research occasioned by her PhD degree awarded by the University of Bermingham, UK, She has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Cancer Research and Oncogene.

    Charles Drago Kato BVM, MSc, MSc, Ph.D. is an S/L in Clinical Immun and Mol Genetics @ MUK Uganda. His Ph.D. from MUK was supported by CARTA/Afrique One Consortium. He holds an M. Sc in Struct/Mol Biol [Univ- Lon] & BVM/M.Sc. in Mol Biol & Biotech from [MUK]. Interested in, dis co-infections host-para interaction in infect & zoonotic dis and skilled in translation biomarker sc for infect, zoonotic and non-com dis, eg cancer

    Paul A. Akinduti (Ph.D.) a Lecturer and Acting Head, Department of Microbiology, Covenant University Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a medical microbiologist interested in antimicrobial resistance, genomics, virulence genotyping, immunological profiling for enteric bacilli infection, metagenomic analysis of gut microbiome, and vaccine dev. Presently, he is a Fellow Member of the Med Lab Sc Council of Nigeria.

    Morteza Saki, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer in Bacterial infectious disease at the Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences | Ahvaz, Iran · Department of Microbiology. He is currently working on mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in ESKAPE Pathogens, especially Klebsiella pneumoniae I welcome and respect all kinds of joint research with other researchers from Iran and foreign countries.


    Samson Oyebadejo. MSc (Forensic Path), MSc MLS (Histopath), Ph.D. Biotechnology (MolecularPath) & Ph.D. MLS (Histopath). Assoc Prof In Biotech (Molecular and Histopath) at the Faculty of Biomed and Applied Sc, Madison International Institutes & Business School, Universite de la Renaissance, URH-ISAG of Hiatti and Cameroun. Over 20 years exp in professional, academic, and Research


    Francisco Vázquez Nava Ph.D., is a Professor, full-time researcher, in allergy and immunology at the Department of Research of the Faculty of Medicine of Tampico Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Francisco Vázquez Nava is a Specialist in Family Medicine; Immunology and Allergy. Francisco Vázquez Nava has a Master’s degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate in Med & Surgery.

    Kanta KA

    KANTA KA, MD, is a Radiation Oncologist involved in Translational and clinical research at Paris Saclay University. Research interest is also in Radiotherapy of ENT cancers, Radiobiology, and radiation protection, and Clinical carcinology all at Paris Saclay University. Currently at the Gustave Roussy Institute (Paris), Hospital Practitioner at the Nat Univ Hosp of Dalal Jamm, Dakar, Senegal


    Shagufta Tahir Mufti is a Professor of Pathology with an emphasis on Oncohistopathologist. He is currently at the Faculty of Medicine, at the Career Institute Of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Ghiala, Lucknow, UP,India.  His former affiliation includes the Faculty Of Medicine, KAU, KSA. Professor Shagufta Tahir Mufti is interested in the trend of hematological abnormalities among COVID-19 patients and has other interests including The incidence of renal cell carcinoma associated with Xp11.2 translocation/TFE3 gene fusion in Saudi adult patients with renal cancer: a retrospective tissue microarray analysis 


    Christian Esidogho Amiwero, MBBS, (UniBen), Residency, UITH, Ilorin,  MPHR (University of Edinburgh), is a Consultant Haematologist and HOD Haematology and Blood Transfusion of the Federal Med Centre, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria. His special interest includes haemato-oncology, coagulopathy, and public health research. Have clinical and lab work experience in the mgt of hematologic conditions and bld transf-related dis. He is skillful in formulating research proposals, organizing and conducting research, entering and analyzing data, writing for publications and journal reviews. He is ICT compliance and can handle data analytical software.




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